They are on to me . . .

. . . or maybe it’s onto but I think not. The last time I traveled I was on a cash basis, so when I checked my bag and the fee was $25 I handed the agent a hundred bill and she said, “Oh . . . keep it. It’s on us” because she did not want to go get change. I’d planned to do it again, not to cheat of course (cuz I push boundaries but do not do not cheat), but to take advantage of any advantage that may be to my advantage, you see.

But, they are on to me and you now have to go to a kiosk and use a card. Oh well.

I would say it’s all good but that phrase is just ridiculous sounding to me even though I understand the sentiment of it. And God said it first about everything, and it is all good. It is so so good.

I have my “triple shot in the dark” like last time, but this time it is clearly a triple but not so dark. Not so dark at all . . .

I am not bored ever, but I am boarding in three minutes.