It’s time to get moving . . .

192 hours: that is how long I have before I must return to work from AL, annual leave. I am no longer busy, although there are some things I must do before I leave very early Monday morning to fly to Texas again to see Mom and my sister and her family and my Texas daughter too if that can be arranged. It looks like I will see one of my cousins too and wow it has been maybe thirty years for that one.

There are also some things I want to do before leaving—one thing that is many things, everything; it is all one thing.

It is already day one, Sunday, and I have no desire to sleep. This slow drizzle is nice and needed and reminds me of the source of all of that water that flowed down that mountainside and then fell in a waterfall rush, forming that pool from which I drank, am drinking, and ever shall drink.

And in communion may it be shared. Always.

Photograph “Next Movement” © 2018 Timothy Waugh