The Secret Society of Early Risers

From the minutes of 26 October 2018 . . .


  1. Sleep
  2. Convocation
  3. Love

Resolutions approved unanimously as follows:

  • Whereas sleep is recognized to have restorative and palliative qualities, and whereas it is conducive to entering an altered state of being (sometimes quite pleasant and dreamy),  be it resolved that it is far less preferable than that part of life and love that both precedes and follows it.
  • Whereas convocation is the desired state of being, be it resolved that it shall take precedence henceforth, and all members are called into active participation using whatever means are at hand. The time for sleep has passed.
  • Whereas love . . . [Secretary’s Note: Here the discussion slipped away softly, gently into whispering and the Society’s chamber music obscured and took precedence over any words.] Resolved. Always.

Meeting adjourned 5:20 a.m.