Birds of a feather . . .

Birds of a feather flock together.

I wish.

IMG_4994 2

Those birds were flocking together today but in the middle of the road. Traffic was blocked several cars deep ahead of me as I looked up Boardman Avenue and saw the reason. I edged around all the cars by pulling into the left lane and creeping slowly forward.

When I got even with the front vehicle, the guy (I know his name because he lives right around the corner, first house on Paradise Drive, my next stop) was out of his car trying to move the ducks with a calm voice. That might work eventually, I thought.

But I also knew that if I continued on, making sure that I was to the left of the last duck, that they would all go right—away from my truck. I told the guy that was why I was pulling up. Sure enough, all the birds went right toward the safety of the other side. The guy actually said, “Thank you, sir.”

It is so weird that people call me sir when I am on the job. It might be nice or sweet or even respectful I suppose, but it seems weird. Still, it’s better than the matronly woman at the gas station calling me “Honey”. Ugh.

On another note, I plowed into so many curbs today that it made me weep.


But, I saw this and it was nice:


And this too:


I hope all of it makes you smile.

Shabbat Shalom . . .  

Photographs © 2018 Timothy Waugh