I will see you on the flip side.

It was time to tidy, barely an hour ago. The dishes were done and the kitchen floor was swept and a little spacer was made from foam and it has been placed in that one drawer to separate my best tableware (it is hardly silver ha) from all the odds and ends. Then I decided to rummage through the last remaining tubs hidden out of sight in the large closet/pantry off the kitchen.

That is when I uncovered and remembered that I had discovered this:


I found this in a recycling area at the local university near where I used to live. It was in a stack of other records and they said I could take them all. This record is the first U.S. release of an LP of the Beatles. VeeJay Records has quite a history and you can read about them to find out more. This particular cover is the third attempt by VeeJay to market the band before being slapped with a restraining order which stopped production. All three editions have the same music, but with three different covers. This, as I said, is the third one.

I like finding things and having them find me and then enjoying that finding and discovering and remembering. And I like the playing, of course, making music like a record going round and round. In the groove.

I have just a little more tidying on side one, perhaps some more rummaging, and then I will see you on the flip side: