Toward Always

I really like the idea of Saturday night, looking toward the next day, Sunday/Day One. All of my life I have wanted Sunday to be like that, a day of rejoicing and praise and presence. And now it is. It is almost ideal.

I said that to a guy once at church, that I had always wanted Sunday to be my favorite and that now it is. We were standing in a certain “prayer room” at Imago Dei church where I am a part for now. Little did I know that he was going to leave that room and then start the service with some announcements. And even less did I know that he would repeat my comment in front of the crowd, saying that he wanted it too and wished it and prayed it for every member, that Sunday would be their favorite. I like that he did that without calling any attention to how he had heard it, and that I could just sit in my pew anonymously and smile.

Yes, Sundays are my favorite and they will only get better. I know this.

But currently, it is Saturday night and here is a song for you during this special time before tomorrow and a time before always . . .

Song  “I Am Here” © 2001 Starstruck Music performed by Steve, a UK Christian band, now disbanded.