Even for an Hour

I laughed out loud when, toward the end of a series of stunningly beautiful and meaningful pieces of music/Music, Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Flight of the Bumblebees was played and the announcer said, “That was for you. Maybe you are a busy bee today.”

Yes, I was busy delivering fourteen trays of ballots and the rest of the mail instead of the usual three or four, and I would remain busy long after dark. It mattered not to me how difficult that part of the day was, however, because upon waking and getting my usual coffee, the blessings fairly poured. All day, they kept coming, off and on. And the “on” is such that it covers the “off” completely.

My apologies for the late hour and the delay in sending you a sabbath peace. I want it to be otherwise, but it is necessary for a time to work these long days and even my scheduled days off. I will say that it is hindering my doing some things that I earnestly want to do, but I can see the end of that sort of thing drawing near. I am certain that it is worth it all.

I am home and settled now, and how is it that this music is still speaking such beauty?

I wish it for you too, such beauty, and I pray for you Shabbat Shalom . . .