I can barely keep up . . .

I’m pulling out onto McLoughlin and there’s no traffic. I don’t need to jump the curb, even with irony.

Lights are turning green as I approach.

I’m out of the fray now and on Abernathy with < 2 hours to go.

I already arranged an off time before 5:00 because I have special house guests arriving tonight.

Well, I’ll tell you: it’s my Portland daughter and her über-courteous boyfriend, and I’ve prepared veggie chili and some accompanying favorites of theirs.

And this weather is all the best of Autumn.

So is the climate.

It is in the air, brought by the wind of the Spirit and that river. River.

And this was on a fence:

. . . just in case, I suppose, for when I need an extra charge.

I have plenty right now, so I’m sending some your way.

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