Words, ante meridiem 11.10.2018


Thank you.

Trying hard.

Stong. Fierce even.

I believe. And it is not difficult at all because the truth really does set us free. Free to love and walk and believe more and become free more to walk in love more . . . because:

“In God we trust.”

Now, I am not entirely sure about the beginning, but it hardly matters because there is no end and I and a few physicists know that time is a loop anyway as is all reality, e.g. current thinking regarding quantum loop gravity and you and I know that the quantum realm is not even the full extent of the spiritual realm and “in him we live and move and have our being”, just as some other poet said, maybe Epimenides, before Luke wrote that Paul said it in Athens.

Oh, and did I say thank you?

I have so much gratitude that it brings me to tears—gentle, tender tears—every time. Just before the last few tears, I smile and then smile more and at some point, it turns into a wide grin and I get this look in my eyes and then I just go back to it. To strength, strength as a warrior fighting toward home . . .

Photograph “On the Edge” © 2018 Timothy Waugh