I’m Okay—You’re Okay

I remember when that book came out, the one with the title I’m Okay—You’re Okay. Those were some interesting times, back in the late 1960s. It was elementary school: 2nd grade Mrs. Higgins, 3rd grade Mrs. Welch, no memory whatsoever of my 4th-grade teacher, and then Mr. Lewis in 5th grade. Lots of personality development and psyche tweaking and physical growth then, even though they say that much of that is determined by 5-years old.

And I am okay, generally speaking, and dear God I hope that you are okay. I imagine that you are because you are you. Still, I wonder. And I pray. And, by writing, I am metaphorically pressing that doorbell too. I saw that ornate fixture yesterday when I took a LARGE box up to a porch, and I liked it, that fixture there. I like the colors, a gorgeous mix of them, and I like that it is slightly askew too, although if it were my doorbell I’d make it perfectly aligned. Other things can be askew, but fixtures should be straight, in my opinion.

Nice colors, right?


I was not okay much of yesterday, but I knew I knew I knew that it was only that I was very tired from that >14-hour work day the day before, and not even enough sleep that night. Yesterday was barely 11 hours and it seemed like a breeze and I did get plenty of sleep last night and I am okay like I said. Are you okay? IHNI. God knows, and that is enough for now, and perhaps it should be enough all ’round, but I am only human.

Today is my scheduled day off, but I am working, and when I get to the station I can be assigned to any route, even an unknown route. But, I am practically golden with management (and, oddly, with my co-workers too), so I imagine that I can work it so that I am on Shade, my own route.

Crap, I gotta hurry now and catch the 33 bus to join the other two three “big ODLers”, and work circles all day. That is what they call us, we three who start at 6:00, two hours before everyone else shows up at 8:00 and the other ODLers show up at 7:30. And, I will have time to negotiate for my own route Shade.

Shade forever sounds really really good to me. . .