Sufficient unto the Day is the Work Thereof!

Precisely 14 hours and six minutes after I began work, I ceased working. Thank God for the word of the today, piano, as that became a kind of musical mantra and carried me along as I carried all of my mail and then half of someone else’s mail today.

The music on the radio was mostly piano—wonderful—and when it was not, then the thought of other piano music became my wonder.

Yeah, it was a long day. One of the clerks said that he had never seen so many “flats”, those periodicals and catalogs that you get, in addition to the letter-sized mail. I believe it since I did not even finish my own route until almost 6:00. Then a crisis developed and I was the designated problem solver. It is what I signed up for, and so that is was that. It’s a “was”. There is only one is that I really care about, and it abides and endures sweetly and softly.  And then there is the I AM that is always of first importance.

It is good finally to be settled in Dad’s chair for a bit, however, and on the tuner here, it is some light and gentle piano music once again, J.S. Bach.

And here comes the “Adagio” from Elgar’s Symphony No. 1. 

I am tired and adagio dreams sound like a good idea. For you too, I hope.