A Measured Response

Here I present my measured response to the gifts of today: moments of wonder, held dearly, unmeasured, and captured only by the whispered scent of rosemary memories.


Ballerina Blush to honor all dancing, and the dances heard in music.

The Choice: sunlight in the garden, or the darkness of a wall.

Three. Free.

A certain curb in Autumn.
Surely this was not the work of a squirrel???

The heart’s call: almost time to come home.

Reaching out is reaching up.

As I carried a light load up to the door I saw her there keeping watch. She has a name, but I dare not utter it; a single breath might spoil her web. I will return day after day, and I know that she will be there. Somewhere close, perhaps just out of sight, she will remain by that door. There are many reasons, but one keeps her very near and it is what she does best: prey:)

All photographs were taken today on my only route, Shade. © 2018 Timothy Waugh