There is a full moon tonight after the first full day of Autumn. I could write about a full moon, pages and pages, writing until the moon was no longer full.

There was a drunk on the bus tonight after the first full day of Autumn. I could write about a drunk on a bus and how there are very few things worse than being with a drunk on a bus, but one of those things is to be the drunk on a bus. But, she probably will not remember how obnoxious she was.

It is close, now, to the second day after the first full day of Autumn, and I am off work tomorrow. It is likely my last day off for a while, except for all Sundays, but I just remembered a holiday coming up, one that I do not honor, but will enjoy. It will be a day full of joy, enjoyed, because I will seek it or it will come to me. Always it is there for the finding or receiving, joy is.

But, like I said, it’s late, so how about a brief “Best Of” post? One with bullet points? Okay, good. It’ll be fun, full of fun, and it is easy as well.

  • Best flower by a fence: IMG_4345.jpg
  • Best description of the general tone/feeling/mood/vibe of today: BUOYANT
  • Best (one of) little joy, found during work: Picking these from my seat, reaching right out my window. Eating them was best too.


  • Best example of a weepy song today, ugh: Out of Africa: Main Theme
  • Best idea of something that I thought I could probably do all day: conquer a world.
  • Best short story about being passive aggressive the other day and then using verbal judo with a lasting effect that endured through today and he is friendly now:

There is this guy who lives in a cul-de-sac who blocks his box with a giant 4WD and he knows it, but I can finesse around it and give him his mail cuz it’s easier than bringing it back or leaving him a note, but one day last week he had a parcel too, so I scanned it attempted/receptacle blocked and took it back to the station along with all his mail. I knew he checked his notifications and he’d be ticked off. The next day I took it all back out, and yep there he was waiting by his box with a scowl. I pulled up close and before he could open his mouth I said, “Man that is crazy what I just heard on the radio. One of the announcers was telling about a time when he was home and the pizza guy delivered a pizza. But the announcer hadn’t ordered a pizza. He finally figured out that his cat had been walking across the keyboard of his computer all day and had somehow ordered a pizza just in time for dinner. That’s crazy man, here is your package and here is all your mail. See you later.” 

Today his box was blocked again, but he met me at my truck and I handed him his package and his mail and he actually said thanks and have a nice day.

  • Best example of a giant tree on route Shade:
The diameter of this tree is almost the length of my mail truck. It is older than the United States of America, by far. It is older than the wood of the first sailing vessel to have brought humans to what is now the United States of America. It is so old, IHNI how old. It is connected at root level to all of life, old and young alike.


  • Best thing to do right now (not really, but it is wise): go to my bed and sleep there.

20 seconds until tomorrow! Bye.