God has other stations!

I know the creator is bigger than the limits of my wandering wonder, but sometimes I am reminded in familiar ways or shown in new ways, or shown in a new light in a familiar way and so on, just what that means: Everything is within him.


Yet, he delights, I think, in our surprise and amazement and our smiles when we catch another glimpse.

You may believe it or not (it is quite true and I am certain of it as a mostly competent, rational highly-analytical [according to tests] human male that it is true), that he communicates his will and thoughts in music to me. In other ways too he communicates, and for you, it may be something entirely different. But for me, it is mostly in music and dreams and a couple of visions and throw in one experience that you would call “out-of-body” and once almost directly in the form of light.

There is an interesting pericope in an interesting book called Hebrews in the New Testament that is relevant here.

The unknown writer begins the book with this: “Long ago, at many times and in many ways, God spoke to our fathers by the prophets, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed the heir of all things, through whom also he created the world. He is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of his power (Hebrews 1:1-3 ESV Italics mine TW).

A few points come to mind:

  • Long ago at many times in many ways leaves it wide open in terms of how the creator communicated, at least long ago.
  • In these last days, he has spoken by his Son.
  • The Son is the one through whom creation began.
  • The Son upholds the universe by the word of his (the Father or the Son?) power.
  • The word but in italics above, is not present in the original language. It could just as easily, and more correctly, I think, be translated ” . . . AND in these last days . . .

John writes that in the beginning, the Word was. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God. That “word of power” in Hebrews is the same word that John places as existing “in the beginning”  and is the word of power that invoked all creation and in Hebrews “upholds the universe”. Later, John says, the Word became flesh (Jesus) but in the beginning, there was no Jesus. He was born; the Word was not. If we combine the thought of Hebrews and John we can deduce that the Son became Jesus, but likewise, in the beginning, it was not so; the Son was not born either, but both Word and Son became flesh, i.e. they (two names for the same thing, so it/he) was born.

My point is that it is all timeless and is just as it always was “long ago” and before.

Of course, dear reader, you know that I listen to All Classical radio 89.9 FM in Portland, OR and worldwide at https://www.allclassical.org. So, that is where I tune in most of the time, and that is the frequency that the creator uses for me. But, it is the fund drive! And there is more talking and less music and I am a sustaining member, supporting fully the mission of the station along with thousands of others and I cherish the place the station has in the community as well as the fact that it is gaining accolades from other stations who only aspire to the quality and programming and programs and so on. It is one of the top classical radio stations in the world, and it began in a high school thirty-five years ago! I like all of that. A lot! But, all the talking (I discovered today) was beginning to grate on my nerves. I was irritable and I did not know why. I was and am missing a thing or two, but it dawned on me mid-day that I was missing the music too perhaps.

There is another radio station here, not as large, that has won some accolades as well, and it is affiliated with OPB and has NPR news on the hour. The rest of the time it is KMHD, a jazz/blues station. It is my number two choice and there was a lot of talking on 89.9 as I said, and I already gave them money and the talking was taking a toll and I reached up and hit the tuner preset on my truck radio and it went here and it was mid song and I heard the words “hold on, hold on, I am still yours, hold on, it’s stormy on the deep blue sea, hold on baby, and save all of your lovin’ for me, hold on, hold on, hold on . . .”

Okay, God.

I will.

And then there was a fade out and then a commercial.

I just laughed and nearly ran into the ditch except Shade has none, only curbs, so it was a tree or something that was over there when I laughed and swerved a bit. God has other stations!

And then like I said earlier, I got all the tomatoes I could reasonably pick, trying to get the hard-to-reach-ones, so the sweet old lady could get the others.

And it didn’t stop coming, even afterward. There was more, a lot more, that made me smile all the way home. He is so kind, so generous, beyond measure. I really like it.

The same Father/Creator, the same Word/Son, and the same Wind/Spirit all exist today as they did long ago, even before the beginning. And they are trying to reach us all the time. 

Yeah, God speaks to me sometimes on the radio and beyond, and he speaks to you too “at many times and in many ways”.

I wonder what he’s gonna do tomorrow? Or, maybe it’ll come while we sleep.

Sweet dreams . . .