Further Thoughts on 7 September

The word of the day remained “Smile” as that became more and more a reality, all the way from last night late. There was a smile then, and it was here and there, I hope, this morning. Throughout the day it went and came in bouts between a grimace here and a kind of scrunched up look there due to the heavy work load. Today was my day off, but I volunteered to work because it is all-day overtime plus some penalty pay for working more than ten hours (a common thing, these days), and they needed my help, I knew. Another perk is that as long as regular carriers are still out, even if I am done, I get to do office work until everyone is back. That’s some easy money and is another benefit of being on that list (ODL). So, I worked another hour until 7 p.m.

However, I can be assigned to any route on my day off, so there is a potential side that is not exactly down, but it can be frustrating doing a route that I do not know at all. I also knew that some of my older routes would be open, so I walked in this morning and was asked to do route 2265: formerly, and now again, known as “Joy.”

It is a new joy as you may hear in the piece below, heard on the radio today just after the magic hour of 6:00 p.m. as I pulled into the station.

Regardless of the route I’d been assigned to today, there would have been this abundant joy present somehow. Very present, it is, when it is there, and it becomes almost tactile in its reality and does appeal to my physical, emotional, and spiritual senses. I wish it for you, pray it for you, want to share in it with you.


Below is Ecce Novum (Behold! A new joy), by the Norwegian genius Ola Gjello. Is that too many modifiers—place of birth, category of intelligence, and given name? He is just a guy who writes the music of heaven and earth. But how, how can it be so? Yes, he is from Norway and he is a genius named Ola. Gjello. The glory began just as I pulled in from “Joy” at the end of my workday . . . and I unloaded my truck to the sweetest sounds as I wept, smiling.

Enjoy the Music again, and Shabbat Shalom . . .

Photograph “Found Joy”, a stone at the last stop on 2265, resting on my rug before its climb up the hill and to the right, all the way to that garden. © 2018 Timothy Waugh