My Melody

The songbird sings my melody,

a lovely, lilting song for me.

I hear it now and then and, oh,

oh, how I long to hear it so!

The sweetest sound, that silky tone

of music makes me un-alone.

And on the days I hear it clearly

I am falling deeply, dearly.

I surrender all my doubt,

my foolishness that goes without

a thought of what has come before.

{I try to open wide the door

just to see what lies behind,

and do it all within my mind).

Days will come—and I must wait—

when and if it pleases fate

for melody to turn to sight

and every moment is made right.

For now, tomorrow, and beyond,

of what I’ve clearly grown quite fond,

I must delight in every breath

and cherish even unto death

one songbird and her melody:

a song she’s singing just for me.

Photograph “Rosemary at Night” © 2018 Timothy Waugh