Toward the Other Side

Here’s to the day . . .

A couple of hours into it, this day, I thought about giving it a word. “Copacetic” seemed almost ideal after those two hours. But, I did not want to jinx it, so I sat on it instead, driving around. I worked with no feeling of anything amiss today, except the one thing. It was nice. Not tidy at all, but nice the way that it flowed and I flowed within it.

The day was steady as a heartbeat, as a breath, as the gentle swinging back and forth of a pendulum in a clock of any kind. In every device that purports to keep time, there is something that moves. In each of those machines, the accuracy is determined by the rhythmic pulse of a thing that is moving, even if it is the oscillation of quartz crystal in a digital clock. I have to constantly adjust the small pendulum in the clock above because its mechanism is fussy. Temperamental is a word that I might use for this clock. Although the ticking is perceived by me as quite steady, over time it has proven to be otherwise.

We move differently, each of us. And them. They move differently too, all others and all other things. Trees move faster than the stones, but a hummingbird moves more quickly than a bee. A flower moves within a day, but the bee does not notice unless there is a breeze. And that breeze moves imperceptibly, invisibly as we watch its effects upon everything. As the breeze caresses that flower, its pollen is spread and other flowers are born, perhaps next spring—a miracle of motion, myriad movements. Moments.

By that clock, some time has passed, yet I know that much has not. And the much that is will not pass because some things are not bound by the laws of motion, of mere mortality. Nevertheless (that is it, never the less, only the more), it is getting late because the tiny ticking Big Ben tells me, as do the oven and my phone and this computer. They all agree, currently, and I must have the setting on the Westclox about right. God help me, do not allow me to tinker with it! It is good enough for now . . .

Shabbat Shalom

From Norway, here is some good music for such a night as this: