Regarding Days and Weeks

Regarding yesterday, 29 August, it was of such a quality that I cannot expound but to say that it was a wonderful day. Today (my day off) is much the same, building upon the day before, and it is of such joy that I cannot tell you of it, but it feels good and it is good.

It all reminds me of God speaking at the beginning (Where was he? Walking in the garden in the cool of the evening? Sitting on a large stone. Were there stones back then, just after it all came into being, or did they require volcanic action later? Was he simply everywhere?) Personified, I tend toward picturing him as an older man of gentleness and calmness, yet strong, ever strong enough to have made something with his hands, say a piece of furniture. Except, in this case, he has made a universe, and he has used only his voice. Yet, he, in my mind, performed a deeply personal act to have done it in the first place, but he did not stop there. He made it all, and then he called it good. 

And it is so so good . . .

As I said, I had the day off today, and my days off are not that of late. They are filled with things to do and meetings here and there, appointments, etc. and they require more travel. And I am going into Portland proper on my days off, today twice. It is okay for now, but must not continue for many more months, as I will not allow it. All of that to say that I am tired from not working today, and on Friday work will bring joy as it did on Wednesday and has this entire week. My new digs are a fine place to visit and to live and I am becoming found again here.

I received some good news today in that I have been given a large plot in that garden up the hill and to the right, and soon my Ebenezer will be raised I believe.

I received some bad news today also in that when I walked back in after the old Thursday group meeting, coming back into Milwaukie from Portland, and opening my door, I heard a sound: a chirping noise. It was the smoke detector. I knew that the chirping sound is a way of telling us that the nine-volt battery needs replacing, so I put in a work order for that and backed it up with an email, and then considered that I may be awakened every thirty seconds by a chirp. To my knowledge, I have no such batteries, and if I do have one, it is in the few remaining unpacked tubs, tubs which are hidden from view so I will not have to think about them. I believe in prayer, so I am praying for entropy to be reversed miraculously and for each tub to unpack itself and place its contents into the proper place, mostly in the kitchen and possibly into that smoke alarm that is chirping, chirping.

I gotta do something . . . 

So, I pulled the battery and wiped it clean, replacing it. I reset the detector. I climbed up on my desk chair multiple times and did multiple things to rid my digs of the chirping. It would not stop (and it is not supposed to), and I was not going to take a bus to the store this late when I am already tired. I ended up pulling out the battery and then disconnecting the detector from the AC power source. If there is smoke and then a fire tonight, at least I will have gone down in flames just as I hoped. There is another way I’d prefer to go, but I shan’t write about it here. Even with no power at all, no battery and no alternating current, the thing chirped once. There must also be a tiny capacitor in it with a stored charge, but only enough for a single chirp.

Before I leave for work in the morning I will ascend once more and reconnect it all, and then trust that they will replace the battery. I will come home, late, into mostly silence in a light and airy place, and < 24 hours from now I will have wished you, Shabbat Shalom. I am not being presumptuous, and I am not giving an ultimatum here; it is not my place and certainly not my desire. As I said, it is all okay for now, but it must not continue for many more months.

Until tomorrow . . .