A web untangled.

Wasn’t possible, really, with a phone to get a sharp image of the spider and the web. There is not much depth of field adjustment involved when you just reach in your pocket, pull out your phone quick-draw like, and shoot. Away.

I wonder if you shoot away too? Like I do.

So, I just caught the spider as a blur because busy is the word for that beast. I am at the edge of my patio/deck. Ugh, research needed for next time because it has boards, but is not elevated. So it is patio-like, but probably a deck.

The deck of a ship. Am I still sailing, or what? I’m losing track of movements and modes.

No matter, because the web’s the thing.

Its Maker? Laughable, our attempts to focus on him sometimes. He is unknowable ultimately, but approachable always. And working, always. Or 6/7 of the time, not sure. Like a spider. But, as I said: the web’s the thing, It is coming into focus, with very little tinkering needed. The f-stop for this picture seems to be self-adjusting.

It is a constant consistent exposure, crisp and clean, and I can trace the lines with any one of my fingers or all of them at once.

It’s a web, and I will untangle it . . .