It’s gotta end soon . . .

because it cannot possibly be healthy, waking up in the 2:20s every morning and then trudging around the place and then deciding, yep I am awake for good (yea, it’s for good. more than anything else I want to exist for good: owned by our shared Father, doing it for the others, doing it with you).

But, it can’t really be like this much longer.

OKAY, yes I know that there have been a lot of changes recently in my life. And, because of the cutting of my flesh, I cannot lift > 5 kilos until August 6 when I go back to work. That’s fine. I am following instructions and being a good boy, etc. But,

I am not keeping up with emails.

Seriously, 4,599??? And that was a few days ago on my birthday. I just checked and today it is 4,683 and I remember when gasoline hit 75 cents a gallon and we thought it was the end of the world. A movie ticket to the very first Star Wars was $4 and who can pay this? It’s over. There is no way that life can continue in such circumstances.

But here we are, right? Anyone ready for the next phase? The second movement, third, fourth, i am losing count within the numbering system but i understand the concept and am totally into it of the symphony of life, and can we move on to the next one?

“Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”, it says in the Book.

That sounds horrible to me, and I would rather wake up . . . and smile . . . and then . . . and after that . . . and next . . . and finally . . . and then do it all over again.

Oh well, here I am:

Today, all I gotta do is:


Oh, wait. Crap. That was from yesterday so maybe that is why I am awake?

OMG the curse of un-ordered USPS uniforms has become a plague upon thy head, Timothy, yea verily for generations to come. Order them! You already got the money loaded onto a USPS debit card in your wallet and so take care of it.

Sure, whatever. I have zero things on my calendar today and I will play catch up.

Tomorrow is actually packed with a lot of meetups with God friends, and I am on top of it all, in spite of the email back up, and the ends and odds,  and yes I am eating enough!

Dang, if you want to be healthy, you know it’s just simple hacking for the most part (except for genetics), but when someone does it, please let him be. He’s okay, really, and just wants to live well, building the Kingdom and tending a certain garden, as long as possible and into forever.

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  1. Yes, know that others are with you in your wee-hour wakings. I remember you said once it’s okay to call you anytime. I could never actually do it unless the situation warranted, and yet… I appreciate that you offered, and I won’t forget. I hope you rest well whenever that may be.


  2. Hey God friend (btw Love it, knowing 3 bottle club is included!),
    I believe it is normal to wake and have a second sleep after a period of wakefulness mid-night; for me this happens at the ambrosial hour, when it is said, the veil between heaven is diaphanous at best, 4:00 am daily. Time to pray and listen to God, to write, and breathe in gratitude, and to welcome the gift of the new day! How fortunate we are to witness this while others slumber in their cocoons😊 I wonder if the inquiries are caring and nurturing friends wanting to be there (here) for and with you while you recover from your recent repair and the myriad of changes you are gracing.
    Every new unfolding and age unfathomable as we go on, playing our part in God’s symphony.💗

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