Adagio for Vegetarians

Thank you for the Adagio.

I wrote that this morning and now I don’t even remember (really I do) what it was, that Adagio on the radio that began the day.

She (Adagio), sidled up next to me and then did or said something, maybe just a breath, a sound, maybe maybe a touch, and I was awake. It was WAY early, and I already told you about all of that.

And this day, a day which had no calendar items, well, I am just now sitting down for the first time. Really.

And I only have the one reminder to buy USPS uniforms from the day before,

IMG_3672and I did not do that—well wait a sec, maybe I can do that right now . . .

Ugh, okay I did that.

It took a while and a lot of clicks, but Holy Crap it is easy easy easy to live (much of the time). If only . . .

Oh well, now I will have some crisp USPS uniforms before I go back to work from the FMLA time off that is killing me, currently, cuz if I were retired, well then it would be different in a certain sublime way . . . but I am not; I am supposed to be working so I will be soon again, in some really clean clothes yea.

Since the Adagio it has been sweetness, musically, and for a guy with nothing to do, he did a lot of things. And most of them he did in a fairly fit frame of mind. And there is only one thing that I really want to do, all the time . . .

But, I am trying to figure and guess and go with it, in order to get it, somehow, before I become comatose.

I will not quit. I will not waver. I will always love, forever. But, I may become a vegetable soon, if it keeps going like this. IHNI.

If that is what happens, then thank God for vegetarians. All will be well, after all.

Photograph “I am listening and trying to take care of myself, so I sat at the pool, and then ended up talking to two older ladies for an hour, while they bopped around in the pool and I thought of irony, metaphor, you, and other literary devices” © 2018 Timothy Waugh