The end is not there . . .

“Light and airy” is the phrase this evening that is being repeated by a particularly fine radio announcer on my station of choice. So, he has had my attention for some time now, beginning with utter delight at 6:06 p.m. and the Schatz-Walzer.

And then I thought I’d die . . . because it kept coming and has not yet stopped, although I myself have come and gone in and out, to and fro, back and forth, for the past three hours of clock time. Which is not true. It has been six hours of clock time (I just now looked), and that means I’ve lost a chunk and gotta get some sleep.

It bewilders me, life does. There are several aspects to this and I will try to analyze a few of them before I crash.

  1. Life is a continuum. It seems to begin, even in nascent form. But the essence of it, whatever is within the thing that is being “born”, has always been, I suspect. That’s fine for all the other beings out there; they can sort it out. But, ugh, when it comes to me, it becomes a real challenge and a paradox. And I am not alone in it, so I think I’ll just die if I don’t share it. And soon!
  2. There are paired bodies out there; it has been proven and we have discussed it in Waugh Paper here, but you may also look here to get the idea more clearly as that is when I articulated (ugh, tried to) the seamless nature of all that is, which is far, far more than it seems to be.
  3. Within the continuum of life, and between paired bodies, there are further connections, like a web. Thus, the tapestry image comes to mind again, with its cross connections, overlapping layers, colors, and hues that are the result of multiple passes between and over another in a kind of fellowship, and it is limitless. It has no end. And it is the fellowship, but especially the unique pairing that reveals the richness of the continuum that has no end.
  4. We, in our current states, can, if we are truly willing, get a glimpse of almost all of it. That statement, “truly willing” is more than it appears, believe me. But, once a true willingness is grasped or arrives within in us, then it begins (continues). We can actually feel the continuum and the bliss of connection and the sweetness of pairing and overlay, and the colors and hues. We can be it and know it and touch it and dwell within in for much of time. And if you are one of the few (I have no idea, but I believe that it is a rarity and that there are few who find this or receive this), then you understand already and need to read no further. You may just close your eyes at this point and let the Music wash over you (Matthew 7:13-14).
  5. It is impossible to use words to describe any of this. Music comes closer than any other language in being able to convey this single truth.
  6. For the past hours, Music has touched me and revealed this to me, and you may think me insane. Some do, actually, think me insane. Oh well.
  7. I will stop here, and see what becomes of any of it. I will not die, of course, although I used the words “I think I’ll just die” if I don’t share this. That’s one of the layers to this: there is no death, no end.

The end is not there . . .

Photograph “Prayer-room in Milwaukie” © 2018 Timothy Waugh