The Path is/was/ever shall be? Straight, and The Ice Pack Leaks and Becomes One with the Flow.

I have no idea, and I mean it this time! All I remember is a gurney (I guess it is mine for now) beginning to roll, and waking up hours? later to a sore throat. Nothing in between those points can I recall from what apparently was very efficient and precise anesthesia, due to Dr. K.’s knowledge and pointed questions.

I have to stop here for a bit, and just pray. THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME, it’s just that this is what I have right now; it is how I can try to . . . what the heck is it, anyway, that I do with this blog, WaughPaper?

  • Cover, sure. My stated goals are true, and I have remained true to them.
  • Love. God yes! I hereby proclaim it before the world.
  • Entertain? Make you laugh? I hope so. And if so, then offbeat has finally met quirky. Let’s dignify it and say that Esoterica has met Unique Omnino Caritate.
  • Teach, sometimes overtly and obviously, but sometimes via metaphor.
  • Receive, sometimes teaching sometimes indescribable blessing.
  • Pray.
  • See.
  • See the Beyond, and share what I see.
  • Place all else into a category that is Uncategorized!

Ugh, the surgery went extraordinarily well, and they kept telling me that I am in perfect health. Ha, why are you cutting me open? I am slipping into a post-op need of a nap, which I will now take on a love seat in a bedroom of Dear Friends, who are gracious, kind and longsuffering. You just wait, friends, I’ll give you some suffering, haha. And thanks for The Economist and The New Yorker, and I have the time for all of it, so I am taking some of it for a . . .

Nap with this Bliss, I swear, that goes beyond prescription,

More later . . .