“There is no space . . .

between one movement and the next.”

Those are the precise words I heard the announcer say from this room, broadcast from 89.9 FM and received on the NAD tuner to the right in the photo (name dropping, but that pre-amp/tuner has given it to me for going on 30 years . . . ).

IMG_3534.jpg I heard it hours later after I took that picture when I walked in from work and turned on the lamp and saw a man-made space for the first time. How a radio has become the voice of God to me, I may never know. It’s okay if I do not know, just that it is. I have some ideas, and they are all ridiculous.

Sabbath has long ago passed, and the laundry that I set out to do with a few quarters that I have accumulated is done. I have Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes now, and if I did not, I always have a postal uniform. I may very well wear it sometime, but I doubt it. Overalls, sure. I said it once, that at Imago Dei, this church in Portland where I have found life again, you can wear anything, even overalls. It’s true. Just make sure that you wear something. Although the name means Image of God, well . . . because of that garden scene, you’ll want to wear something, even animal skins provided by God. But, if you are coming to church here tomorrow, do not wear animal skins. Here is the forecast:


Wear loose-fitting cotton or linen or wear whatever you want, but be prepared for some heat.

Okay, I am in danger here of losing you, because I am going to write about commodity trading and economies and economies of scale. And although not in an altered state, I may sound that way. Words are limitations when written. Sometimes they need to be spoken face to face with body language, facial expressions, a sigh here and there. Some god-awful tears. A pause.

. . .

And so on.

But I am writing, so stay with me. Please.

There may be a pause, but there is no space between one movement and the next. It is the tapestry woven from a single loop of the finest strand of something unknowable, but finer than silk. That’s a reference to previous writing and I’m not going to insert links, Just know that it is true: it is a tapestry. It is the words of a story, each letter connected to the next and the next and there is no end to any of it.

This morning I was thinking about metrics (and Shade) and ran across the article—liar, liar, here’s a link about GDP as a measure of an economy’s strength and how a new metric may be useful.

Well, of course. Didn’t everyone see that? Seriously, it seems obvious but maybe it’s because I have a good tuner. Anyway, the folks at MIT came up with GDP-B. It’s a fine idea!

And it all matters here on Earth. And on earth, as it is in heaven, so it matters there too. But, there is a different economy at work, ultimately, and it can be scaled infinitely, and its commodity is Love. Pure and simple. Oh God, this LOVE!

Love is the most precious commodity. Period. You know it; I know it. And it can be traded, of course, like different commodities.

Take these blackberries, for example:


They are far more valuable than what I could get by easily working a few minutes, earning a few dollars, and then using a bus pass (representing a few more minutes of labor) to go to a store which contains myriad commodities each representing the labor of hundreds of unknown others, but a store that also has blackberries. I could buy them for part of one street of mail delivery.

But those blackberries in the photo are more precious to me. I see them every day to and from work as I walk to the best bus stop, and I have seen them grow. And I ate three of them tonight, three that I could reach, as I prayed a blackberry prayer. That is not the first time I have prayed that prayer with blackberries in hand, but that is not the point. The point is that I could reach maybe a dozen or so of them, and the rest of them are inaccessible. There are hundreds, thousands of them, and they’re just out of reach. I think I will need help to get to them, as I must. I must have some more of them. And I am counting on the help!


And blackberries.

You can apply this idea of economy of scale and commodity to anything you desire. I do it all the time, and think it through, and decide what I am willing to do to have what is most precious.

The greatest commodity of all is clearly known, stated, believed, and sometimes actually lived. The difference in this greatest commodity, is that it is never depleted—when its source is from above. It can be “traded” on an open exchange without limit.

No limitation in time exists, certainly. And there is no limitation in space either. Because there is no space between one movement and the next. I know it’s true.

I heard it on the radio, coming to me as the voice of God.