All the Good Words

All of the good words came to mind today. Epic. Regal. Playful. Adventurous. Romantic. Practically sensual.

The music today was complete with a bridal song, some moonlight, dancing, lots of trios, the perfect amount of Shakespeare, an Irish suite, a little melancholy here and there, ladies (one lady several times), poetry, mermaids (only one), stormy seas and calm seas, gorgeous arias, three minuets, and on and on . . .

And both announcers kept using the word charming, and that was nice. And when those stormy seas were announced, to my delight there was the immediate reassurance that calm seas would follow. I appreciated that too.

Well, I just kept saying good things, good words, all day. In my truck I said them. To bushes and flowers, I said some good words. I said a good word to some mailboxes. Once, I said good words to an actual human. To a dog once. I saw a squirrel and it heard good things come from my mouth. I said them into the clouds, and that was easy because I was on one of them.

Oh, and it was my day off but I worked, so it was all overtime pay. And much later when I got home and checked the mail, someone had these in the recycling area for my collection. Sweet.


I always have room for more vinyl, but I am out of room for more words here, because today was . . . all the good words. It would make me smile if you had some of the good ones too.

Photograph “At the center, a rose . . . ” © 2018 Timothy Waugh