I’ve had two so far today—

—those moments that take my breath away.

The second moment came from my reading this morning in Peacock’s OpeningsA Daybook of Saints, Sages, Psalms and Prayer Practices. For July 7 he begins with a reference to Beethoven and his ninth symphony which contains “Ode to Joy”. The reading concludes with this sentence: “Give thanks for music in your life. If possible, listen to a recording of Beethoven’s music today.”

Tonight at 7 p.m. Beethoven’s Symphony #9 will be broadcast, and I will be listening. The broadcast was announced days ago, and I have been waiting.

There is no time . . .

And there is no distance between spaces . . .


Photograph “a sign for a new place” (courtesy of . . . Hobby Lobby:) © 2018 TW