Post-Independence​ Serenade

Of course, independence is a mirage anyway.

Even when we may declare it symbolically, we believers know that all our being resides in the Father. In his arms, this time of night, we may feel the comfort that He gives . . .

Now, if independence were spelled properly it would be indepenDANCE. So, let’s.

Serenade for Strings by Jack Jarrett is playing on the radio now. And I like the idea of a serenade to close the day, especially one like today, post-independence. The day after a holiday is always heavy and today was brutal in terms of mail volume. But, I am in Shade, all the day long and any long day, so I can fairly well conquer all known worlds (as I like to say).

On top of that, there is this list that I signed up for. They call it The Big List, but officially it is the ODL (overtime desired list). So yeah, I signed up for it and worked an extra three hours today. Ugh, that’s longer than I had slept.

But honestly, I could conquer those worlds, you know, so it was fine, and the music was flawless and Shade is just where I need to be. I will be an O-D-L-er for the next quarter and I will always have Sundays and usually one other day during the week. But, being on the list means that I could get called on some of those days off.

Whatever. Let’s get back to the lovely serenade by Jarrett. It is smooth and lyrical and full of strings made of silk and I love it when the low strings come in and harmonize with the upper strings, usually with the basses carrying the tonal center while the high strings soar into melody. I’m listening now and the night air is barely coming in off the patio and it is quiet, except for the music. And I could drift off right now.

But, here is another serenade for you, one that is a little more danceable on this day, post-independence. And it comes from Sweden.

Dag Wirén

Photograph “Welcome” © 2018 Timothy Waugh