Here’s some water . . .

On this day off, I have been on all day. For three days, actually, during the psychological testing and the essay portion, and all day today during the practicum, I have been on it. And not once was I far off. It’s all almost done; this term is very nearly over, although I have a few more hours of cramming to do.

This practicum today was multi-modal and required travel, and some of it was not in the syllabus. But you know, you gotta do what the teacher says. I have listened well, and dear lord have I prepared like never before! So, it’s been fine and I’ve gone with the flow.

It makes you thirsty, doesn’t it? You’ve probably been there (here), in a time where you had to focus to the exclusion of all else, and you don’t think about eating or drinking even. Of course, you can never clear your mind of some things because you do not want to, and so you may just put them into a special place in your gray matter, a nice place for things that really matter when it’s not all black and white. I like that shade.

Yeah, I am thirsty. Not hungry, just thirsty. So, before I go cram (might be an all-nighter!), I am getting a drink. It might be the last one for awhile at this particular coffee shop until I visit again and bring my own glass for a nice undertow, and I wanted something different and refreshing. So I had them make me an Italian soda, with Pellegrino, cream, not much ice, and seven pumps of raspberry.

Here’s a drink for you too, some dew from a holly bush in Hillsboro this morning (traveling for the practicum).


Here’s to another all-nighter, and another one after that . . .

Photograph “Glistening. Evergreen.” © 2018 Timothy Waugh