MAX Light Rail(s)

Morning Edition

Ugh, dawn or twilight? I like them both and cannot choose. It’s Rachmaninoff’s piano concerti, #2 or #3, I shall not choose one, must have them both.

I’m on MAX to work this morning. Dawn’s done.

Max: prayer, determination, desire, grit, feeling good and I’m just gonna love forever.

Light: well, dawn and twilight of course . . . , but his burden/yoke too. It’s his promise and dang if it’s not true after all. It is, so true and quite light.

Rail(s): on them, off them and on and on/off.

Like a light switch making each day dawn to the max, and then fade off the rails into twilight . . .

Photograph “MAX stop, Forever Flow” 2018 Timothy Waugh