Like an Old-Timer

It’s happened! I’ve become like an “old-timer”, one of those seasoned mailmen. With the skills (not braggin’, it’s a fact) and the grit, but not the callous, course cynicism that some have, I’m like one, but not one.

And here’s proof:

It’s a major score! That shelf has been sitting on the dock . . . well, sittin’ on the dock of the bay—really. After a week of wanting it, I got it. I’d have waited longer but it’s mine now and in my one truck on my one route that I named Shade, and I’m just killing it in a good way. The shelf is gonna help me keep everything in sight, and staying with Shade is getting more and more like something I want to do. I can’t assume, and God knows I won’t presume, but it is my intention . . .

On MAX, in my seat, praying like an old-timer, it’s Thursday and I have somewhere I need to be, for the last time.

Come back later for “Feeding the Dogs”.