Let’s play dress up, but only sometimes.

It’s not so bad . . . playing dress up as an adult. OCCASIONALLY, cuz the kingdom is for kids, Jesus says—it belongs to us, he is saying—so I only play at being an adult. But it is okay and I am getting into the rhythm of it. And thank God for polyrhythms! A three over two is an ideal and simple polyrhythm and it easily transposes into a six over four, still not that difficult to figure out, right? But there are others, other rhythms quite complex that we can get into someday. But for now, it’s just that march beat goin’ on for a while longer.

I flew back into Portland last night and now have three more days of vacation, and at least two of those will be dress up days. Today is one of them, and after memorizing all of the many rules that apparently must be followed for now, I am playing. I am actually good at this, I am finding, and I am moving around the “board” swiftly. But, it is going to take a few more weeks of play days off and on to finish the game (I am guessing).

Oh, and I thought it was because of missing marbles that I did not like to play dress up, but while I was at Mom’s in Texas, I found them:


And guess where they were all along?



I went into this room to pray. I knocked first, passed right through that cross, and there they were. On a shelf, grant you, and sealed in jars, mind you, but they were there. And they were so so so close to that window, yea, that I could always gaze out there . . . and then I could just pray, reach up, and use my marbles as required.

It’s all dead serious I know, but it is also child’s play, praying first and then playing dress up with all our marbles.

Photograph “Amounts to a Small Hill of Beans” © 2018 Timothy Waugh