Native Marbles

I remember, as a child, playing this game:


Mom still has this board in her Texas home and it is the original one from my childhood. The game was fun, and it involved marbles, and I always wanted to use the green ones, as they appealed to me for the reason that I now know as a man-boy: green is life.

And evergreen is ever-life.

I have lost my marbles many times since:), but am of sound mind currently and games are still fun to play and the possibilities are endless. In WA-HOO I also appreciated that my surname (not my Shawnee name) appeared phonetically in the game and that there were native warriors and a chief on the board. I assure you that this native has never once been bored, and that joy and hope are chief now. I have a kind of pity for those who say they are bored, and I could tell them that it is not boredom, but much more/less that they have/do not have or feel/do not feel.

They lack, simply because they do not seek.

Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

And so we shall, into that ever-life.