Portland to Paris

In three hours I need to wake up and catch the first MAX train to the airport. I am going from Portland to Paris and I am looking forward to it, since time—sometimes—functions in a fashion linear. Later, I will look backward at this time, so there’s that.

There is much I will miss in Portland and the surrounding area, but Paris is a nice little town. I am going to Paris, Texas of course, by way of Dallas. But the other Paris will be for someday, perhaps by way of Montreal.

I was quite remiss last night in not wishing shalom into the Sabbath, which has now passed. It was an oversight in my haste to catch the evening post and get some rest before an anticipated tough work day. And my anticipation was prophetic because I am just now done with laundry and packing after getting home late.

I plan to take multiple efficient 7-minute naps now, around 15 of them, and then wake up refreshed and ready for a great visit with family 3,3090 kilometers away.

I will take some things with me and the things missed most are not affected by distance anyway . . .

Photograph, the only one taken today, “Distant Bells” © 2018 Timothy Waugh