A Shot in the Dark

I rush through TSA pre-check and my gate in wayyyyyyyyy down there somewhere in terminal A. I haven’t checked the time, so I think I should move along and I pass all of the shops and multiple opportunities for coffee. I can see my gate ahead and then I finally glance at my phone. I have 37 minutes before boarding even begins, and where in the heck did the time not go!?

What I want right now is a triple kick to the head . . . 1,2,3. I also want some coffee. But I’ve passed it all in my rush . . . what’s that smell it is ahead not behind right? And that looks like a line . . . to . . . a . . . Starbucks. Thank God.

Really I am telling him now, thank you Father for much and more. I pull my travel cup (it’s 8 ounces) out of my pack and I’d like a “short dark with two add shots please.”

Here it comes. “Shot in the Dark for Timothy” and I want to ask that barista about the ink on her right arm, but I really don’t want to at all.

Two stevias later I am sipping and those two flight attendants overheard and ask me what is a Shot in the Dark?

I tell them and they want one too. I wish it for them, three good kicks in the head, sorta like mine but it couldn’t possibly be the same . . .

Here’s to a shot in the dark:)