Good Scents and Good Sense

Good scents:

  • fresh-cut alfalfa
  • this rose:


  • perfume (hints of citrus, flowers, very light spice (no cinnamon, but all others), sweet and light, not heady
  • coffee (even inferior beans smell good, but an aged Sumatra is unctuous)
  • wood smoke and evergreen, while camping, or walking near the cabin whence comes the smoke
  • water, flowing free
  • the spring air before, during, and after a rainstorm
  • the summer air stirred by a ceiling fan or walking beside some honeysuckle or jasmine
  • all of the air during Autumn
  • the winter air after a snow
  • bacon and onions cooking slowly
  • fresh-baked bread
  • the myriad scents—combined—of any city, visited for the first time
  • a barnyard, anywhere
  • a Christmas tree

Further good sense dictates that I defer discussing the ordering of nuts until a future post. It has been a longish day, made delightful by music, especially just before 3 p.m., earlier and later too.

But, I am still a bit hungry, so I am going to eat a generous handful of almonds with just a bit of dark chocolate . . .

Photograph “One Rose, Heaven Scent” © 2018 Timothy Waugh