More Than

Do you ever have the feeling that you would do almost anything? That you would conquer all known worlds, terrestrial or e.t., or that you would “climb every mountain”, or that you would sail the seven seas? And not only that you would—but that you could?

Me too. And I have that feeling, not at all by my own worthiness or my own strength. Let’s face it: I am a big cry baby. I weep in the presence of kindness. I shed a tear over flowers. Beauty brings me to my knees. Joy makes me giddy and then I become obnoxious (and I am not really sure if I am obnoxious, but if I were not me and then I met me when I/me is this way, then I’d think that me is obnoxious). And I am very weak when it comes to keeping myself from intervening when I see injustice. Or when I see or experience or show love and compassion, well during it I am fine, but afterward, I sob and pull over or lean against a tree or whatever. And I am absolutely useless when it comes to being lazy, and of no help whatsoever in all efforts to ignore the elderly or disenfranchised. And do not ask me to stop the flow that is born of God; I am powerless to do it.

So, that conquering feeling up there is not from me. It is from a Romans 8 kind of love, i.e. this love and I are inseparable, and “we are more than conquerors through him who loves us.”

We are more than conquerors.

Photograph “Flow/Fall” © 2018 Timothy Waugh