I like the word “lilt.”

There was a certain lilt in the air today, and it was very nice. After “Conduct Unbecoming”, the blog post, not any actual conduct that has been unbecoming—quite the opposite from my view, as I have been working thoroughly hard to do everything I can that is right and true—I liked today a lot. But, life of late has been difficult and that is why I have relished the camaraderie with David when he cries out for help. But, he is done crying now and Asaph is taking over the Psalms for awhile. So, again, I was thankful for the lilt. I do want a “lilting” life, and it doesn’t need to be an easy life in order to have the lilt, but I am free from the crying also.

And while I am musing about “life”,  I learned that 21 January is Squirrel Appreciation Day! That is something I do want to share with all those who . . . well, those who appreciate the little cuties. I am thinking already about a cake for that day and I want one with plenty of almonds and some chocolate, but I want the almonds to be at the forefront of the thing. Perhaps a cake like this Torta Caprese would be nice.

That is all a matter for later, but I wanted you to know that the day is fast approaching. And that one, like today, will be a day that the Lord had made. And “lilt” will be an insufficient word to describe it . . .