All I want to do is . . .

I just took this photo and want to use it, so here it is for you:


No editing there in that photo at all.

And no editing here either.

All I really want to do right now is . . . well, one thing is to read some more of the Psalms, where David cries out for deliverance and then the LORD hears him and saves him. I want to read those, and then believe that they are true still—for me, for you—and then be joyful and maybe dance like David did.

I do believe it, actually, but I do not feel it right now, not without any editing.

I think that some rest is needed, and I know that it is going to be important to be at my best for awhile, even if it requires some proofreading. I may even need to get some help with that, maybe another set of eyes to look things over and advise on some punctuation or clarification or whatever.

So, I suppose I will call it a night, go for a short walk, and stare into the moon. Then I hope to drift off, and I just remembered that tomorrow is Sunday and that gives me a little encouragement. David didn’t exactly have the same Sundays that we have today, and the Sabbath is not at all the same as Day One, Sunday.

It irks me, royally, when people assume that the Sabbath has shifted to Sunday and that all of that work and worldly focus that they do on both days is okay somehow. It isn’t. Seven is not like one and never will be, any more than one is like two, or two is like three.

Three is a delightful three. Period. It is a sort of triangle (the strongest simple geometric figure, you know) . . . and seven is seven, and it is an enduring command to remember that seventh, that Sabbath, and to keep it holy, set apart, and sanctified. I long to do that.

And one, Day One/Sunday is a treat. It is a luxury that we do have, unlike David did way back when.

I like that a lot. I want to feel that luxury in the morning as dawn wakes me. And I will, I hope.

Well, four paragraphs ago I was calling it a night, so here goes:

Good night . . .

Photograph “Moon Over Persephone” © 2018 Timothy Waugh

2 thoughts on “All I want to do is . . .

  1. I’m paraphrasing here but I once read a book by Max Lucado who was writing about our spiritual experience of feeling peace that passes understanding, and how we can stay in that state for long periods of time, but eventually our spiritual energy wanes and when we don’t feel that peace, it is so disconcerting we long desperately to feel it again. The last month the physical world has taken a toll on me and I’ve longed for peace again. I think I’m complicating it as humans tend to complicate everything. But God didn’t move so at some point I moved away. I think stresses of life can steal our selflessness at times and selflessness is a spiritual state of well being.. Although I also think when we reach a point of needing to grow in our spiritual life, it usually means we have to give something up we aren’t quite willing yet to give up. I don’t know if I’m making a lot of sense but I’m always saying to people, “We have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones.” If I’m right in that statement, I’m experiencing some self-inflicted bad days by feeling sorry for myself because I can’t change certain situations which require me to be selfless. The best I can identify my own is “caregiver burnout.” I’ve been seeking to remedy it with what input from the world I allow in and what I don’t. So far I’m still letting way too much negativity in. I’m rambling now so, like you, I’m going get some rest.


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