Not a Slacker

I guess it’s a little late to be doing laundry, but it was a long work day and I am out of decent Sunday-go-to-meetin’ clothes—which is funny because at Imago Dei I could wear overalls and be just fine. I will do that one day, wear my overalls.

Mostly I am doing laundry due to lack of decent weekday-go-to-work clothes. And I am not a slacker. The clothes are in the dryers now, and that gives me [Gimme just a second, this table is rocking, wobbly due to a missing leg spacer, therefore this technique won’t work: (Harvard link or Cornell link), and I must switch it out. I like the location of this one, so I will be right back after I carry this table away and bring back another] an hour to sit in the night air with people still out, some of them in elegant attire from a Cinco de Mayo event, presumably, even though I am still not presuming much. I am counting on it, however, believe me.

So, the clothes are in the dryer, and it is very very nice out here, and it is almost Sunday I see, but today during work on route Gratitude a customer came up to my truck and asked a question about moving and a change of address. She said she did not yet know where she was moving. I hope she takes that little toddler who was in her arms when she figures it out. I said for her to do it—change her address—online if she had computer access as it is much more efficient and takes effect almost immediately. It does depend upon the postal station in her new zip code, I said, and if they are not slackers it will work just fine and she will get her mail at her new address within a few days. But, if they are slackers .  . .

“You are not a slacker, I can tell,” she said. That’s right, I am not a slacker, and have a good day. Best wishes on your move, wherever you go.

I “worked” hard all day on Gratitude and then went to get more mail from the guy who was delivering on Joy. I did all of that and then the station called and said that this same guy was stranded because his brakes had failed. I went back to him and took all of the rest of his mail and delivered it on Joy too, running up and down Plum Drive with the smell of rosemary in my truck. I had been picking it all day on Gratitude, and those rosemary moments were fine indeed. Hmmm, yes it does taste good: rosemary and almonds with just a hint of chocolate. I suppose this is work, actually, because they pay me, but it is just not that hard.

I did this too, while I was being paid, gathered a few things while I delivered:



My clothes will be done in 3 minutes, and it is 9 minutes until Sunday. I will find some music to add and be done for the day.

Here it is, just for you:

Photographs © 2018 Timothy Waugh