But I will try.


Tender. Sweet. An unhurried sea of delight.

Unhurried, as I said, until the end. The end was wild with joy.

I worked on three routes today, beginning with “God”, then an hour and a half on “Prayer” (where I stopped everything and sat at Ray’s Farm for a nice stretch after that concerto). Then I went to take over on “Joy” for another hour, a fast-paced bout of finishing up before heading back to the station by that magic hour of 6:00 p.m.


Perfection all day. No words. That is why we have music, right?

But, here are some word pictures for you:

Cute . . .


Written in stone . . .IMG_2126

So beautiful . . .


Shabbat Shalom

All photographs © Today 2018 Timothy Waugh