Hi, my name is Bob.

And I am not a photo-holic. It’s not an addiction or even an obsession, really. But I like sharing.

And listening. I especially like to listen.

Oh well, enough about me.

It’s just that I am going nuts.

Earlier, I was able to zip back and forth for a bit, and I admit I did gather a lot of images. But, now I am temporarily stuck on this side being still.

Oh, one more thing about me: I am a squirrel.

I hope it is safe to cross soon.

Yea, it’s a crossing!


Here is what I have stored up so far this year, along with some notes. I get to do quite a bit of thinking out here in the wild. Funny, that word “wild.” I said that about God once, and I will never forget the reaction. 

Of course, you’d react with a raised eyebrow too if a squirrel started talking about God.

And thank God I have learned to type. And that there is wifi, even out here . . .

Note One

Always, you are:

Note Two

I really like the colorful language. Thou shalt ever be:



Note Three

Never, ever:IMG_1687

Note Vier

Du bist:


See you later . . . out on a limb.




“Your presence is my joy . . .”

All Photographs “Gathered on the Sly” © 2018 Timothy Waugh