Rosemary, Lavender, and Almonds

I am not really sure how to begin this post. Maybe a topic sentence?  A thesis statement? An outline?

Okay, the topic sentence is: The past several days have been like a dream.

Thesis: Rosemary, Lavender, and Almonds have contributed to the enduring effects of these dream days.


  1. Almonds
  2. Lavender
  3. Rosemary
  4. Conclusion


I am extraordinarily fond of almonds and have recently developed a taste for smoked almonds on occasion. I like that they seem to have been passed over or through a fire of some sort. This process has matured their flavor. I like it.

However, I definitely do like almonds any way that I find them, and whenever I see them. I haven’t taken much other food with me these past few days, but I have had almonds with me, in reach at all times. And I have taken just a little chocolate. It has been unseasonably warm these days. One dream day the chocolate melted all over the almonds in my container. Together they were delightful.

[. . . You know how time is, how it slips and slithers, or climbs as the numbers on the clock get higher, but in a non-linear fashion, like a snake when it moves across uneven ground or a squirrel as it climbs a tree. That squirrel goes up the tree, because look, he is up there. But just a second ago he was down gathering acorns or he’d found an almond. But you don’t see all of the transitions from down to up. You have no idea what that squirrel does when he is on the other side of that tree, do you?

A snake moves back and forth, even looping back upon itself, its own self crossing over its own self in motion, both parts of it moving as one and yet they encounter each other.

I have seen this many times, as a snake moves across uneven ground, held there by gravity, but not bound by it, in motion from here to there. Or defying gravity, a snake can climb a tree, and coil up in the crook of a branch beside that squirrel . . .]


On one of the dream days, I picked some lavender:

1) because I knew where it grew

2) because I always pick it there, and have watched as the fresh growth comes in the spring. Now, it is fresh, here in this spring. Another time I watched it die. I saw it die, and picked it dead throughout the winter. But here it is, alive again.


3) I needed some rosemary, but lavender would do for now.

On a different dream day, I heard some sweet, tender music. Today, actually I heard it, and there were still some lavender leaves in the truck where I’d left them.


I did find some rosemary, after the lavender.


I pulled sprig after sprig of fresh rosemary (are they sprigs, is that the word?), and I bundled them together with a rubber band, took them home, put them on a plate in my kitchen, and took a photo for this post that is now following a kind of outline.


I had to find some rosemary, and so I did because on one of the dream days I heard this music:

“There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance; pray, love, remember” — (Ophelia, Act IV Hamlet).

Yes, I am following a sort of outline here, and there is that thesis (so true), preceded by a wholly inadequate topic sentence.

I must add to that topic sentence. I will add this:

Because when I heard this, I was eating almonds, smelling lavender, and thinking rosemary thoughts. And it is a right great joy to me too . . .


Shabbat Shalom

Photograph “Rosemary Moments” © 2018 Timothy Waugh