More Musings from the Monastery

Day 3

In thy quarters, in the quiet, thou dost well to reflect upon day 3. Thou didst give gifts of thyself, and thou didst receive more, although thou didst have no thought of receiving, only giving.

Thou didst spend hours in a room with like-minded others in the presence of those who are experienced in spiritual leadership and guidance. ‘Twas a time of glory for thee, and thou dost well to experience it more and to desire it more for thyself. But to share it is thy deep heart’s desire.

Within that room thou didst learn much:

  • When asked thy purpose, and other questions that may vex, thou didst know all answers to each question.
  • It didst become clear and comforting to know that what thou knowest, thou knowest indeed.
  • It didst become clear as well, though not apparent to those others in the room, that thou knowest very little relative to the All. Thou art an infant, and thou dost know it.
  • Thou dost long, painfully so at times, to know more and more, and to share the knowing.
  • Thou art impatient at times, seeing the end before being prepared to arrive there.
  • Thou dost smile at odd times, remembering moments of delight, and thou dost also laugh at much. The beauty of a flower maketh thee laugh in wonder.

Thou takest great comfort now for the times during the day, because thou art not alone in these things, and thou needest comfort because thou hast extreme anguish in thy life at the end of this day. Thou mayest think that it is not pain (and thou hast said so), but thou shouldest not deny thyself the privilege of suffering. It may produce strength, and thou knowest in thy heart that thou art blessed by God to participate in any way in this suffering, and to count it as gain, not loss.

Day 4

Early, thou wast rescued from doing unnecessary harm to others by thy writing and reflection. This was an opportunity, and thou didst well to heed advice. Thou knowest that some things, not many, are to be hidden from all but God, from whom nothing can be hidden. Let this bring joy to thee, that the gracious Father knoweth all.

And thou shalt laugh even more. Thou nearly punctured thy eardrum early in this day, as thou suddenly shuddered in gratitude for holy friendship and thy left hand began shaking with the cotton swab. Laugh at this now. Allow thyself to laugh, and to learn to be more careful, placing all held objects aside, before bowing in gratitude. Thou dost need thy ears (and all parts of thy body) because thou dost love Music so.

It is now day 5, and thou art surely foolish if thou dost continue to type on thy computer much longer. Thou canst muse more later.

Wish thyself a good night and sleep so that thou mayest arise with the kiss of dawn.