Musings from the Monastery

Day 2

When thou hast a meeting with a brother, thou shouldest arrive early to meet him. Although he is retired, and thou art on a series of holidays, ’tis not a matter of time. By arriving early, thou canst find a table and peruse the menu, thus ascertaining if thou hast sufficient funds on hand to offer to pay for thy brother’s tea. Thou didst on all counts.

When thou hast another meeting later, with a sister, thou wouldst do well to listen, even though thou mayest think thou didst not want to hear what might be uttered. Thou didst well in this regard, for the utterances heard, because of the vow of listening, were unexpectedly and delightfully understanding of thine own cares. And thou mayest find that by listening, thou art also able to speak freely when the time shall come to pass.

A short time later, when thou hast discovered that thou hast misplaced thy computer, as if a lost coin or a lost sheep even, and though thou mayest search high and low, thou shalt also search sideways across the broad avenue. Thou mayest find it there safely in the hands of the caretakers of man’s law. When thou dost utter thy name as the owner, and the caretaker handeth thy computer back to thee, and thou dost proclaim thanksgiving to God, thou shalt surely mean it. Thou shalt ensure that the gratitude is to the Father above, and not simply a relief of the burden of having found that which was lost or not to be. All that thou hast belongs to him. All that thou shalt be given belongs to him, verily, and that is its beauty. Thou didst well when thou didst examine thyself in this matter.

Thou mayest live thy entire life, henceforth and forever, knowing that God, thy Father, doth want thy good and that he shall give it if thou wilt only receive it.

Days 3 and 4.

Thou shalt write about these days later, as thou hast told someone just now that thou wilt go to the great hall at the University and observe an exhibition of photographs. By thy agreeing, he hath now been made to smile, as he had only that to offer because he is a man of no great means.

And by thy observing, thou shalt be blessed.

And by thy agreeing and then doing, both he and thee shall surely be blessed.