Just a SECOND:

Light travels 299,792,458 meters, the distance of twenty round trips from Portland, Oregon to Cong North Co. Mayo, Ireland.

Gimme a MINUTE:

25 Americans will get a passport, according to the U.S. Department of State.

58 airplanes will take off around the world, according to the International Air Traffic Association.

116 people will get married, according to data from the United Nations and some Excel handiwork.

144 people will move to a new home, according to Gallup.

11,319 packages will be delivered by UPS, according to UPS.

[351,656 pieces of mail processed by USPS, go Eagle!!!]

83,300 people will have sex, according to the (offline) Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior.

243,000 photos will be uploaded to Facebook, according to Facebook.

5,441,400 pounds of garbage will be created, according to the World Bank.

136,824,00 pounds of carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere as a byproduct of burning fossil fuels, according to the CIA World Factbook.

7,150,000,000 human hearts (according to the United States Census Bureau) will beat…

500,500,000,000 times, according to the American Heart Association, as their bodies create…

858,282,240,000,000,000 new red blood cells, according to the National Institutes of Health

Source: Atlantic Magazine [and me]

The HOUR of reckoning:

The approximate average length of time spent by humans in congregational worship of the creator who is the Lord of all (He has ordained a seven-day cycle as a mystical, wonderful unit of time, but he does get that hour).

This DAY that the Lord has made:

The amount of time it took for the personal trajectory of an entire observable universe and all of history to be forever altered as a life began and another life was saved.

Nati Regis

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Photograph © 2018 Timothy Waugh


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  1. Timothy! Please! Links to other websites would be most helpful if the URL went directly to the relevant page, EG CIA factbook, not the home page. First law of blogging!
    🙋😁 PS: Hadn’t realised nor expected the CIA, nor the FBI, to be so readily ‘available’. Amazing.


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