True Then, True Now

LORD God All-Powerful,

don’t let me embarrass anyone

who trusts and worships you.

It is for your sake alone

that I am insulted

I am like a stranger

to my relatives

and like a foreigner

to my own family.

But I pray to you, LORD.

So when the time is right,

answer me and help me

with your wonderful love.

Don’t let me sink in the mire

but save me from my enemies

and from the deep water.

Don’t let me be

swept away by a flood

or drowned in the ocean

or swallowed by [a kind of] death.

Answer me, LORD!

You are kind and good.

Pay attention to me!

You are truly merciful.

Don’t turn away from me.

I am your servant,

and I am in trouble.

Please hurry and help!

(Psalm 69, excerpts)

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