ad infinitum, et ultra

You might think my writing already goes on and on and on, so no jokes here, okay? But here’s an add to ad infinitumAnd, you should know that generally, I am opposed to using verbs as nouns, as in “here’s an add” or “I have an ask”, but I do it anyway. The same with nouns as verbs: I’m with this guy most of the time (architect is not a verb!), and I’m all for “women who work”. It can be beautiful when it is by choice . . .

But, let’s return to the add(ition).

Some thoughts:

  • After writing yesterday, trying to use words to describe the eternal and infinite nature of reality and the malleable aspects of space and time, I went to work today and—long story (not infinitely so, however)—ended up at a retirement center for a bit of a break that included some good prayer time in the restroom. At this luxurious care facility, located on the river, there is a library in the lobby. It is curated by a retired librarian who still has a passion for excellence. She had chosen this book, and placed it on the third shelf from the top on the left side, just off center of the lobby. I would like to read it if I can find the time.


  • When I got home, cleaned up, and changed into street clothes, I came to this coffee shop where I am now writing. I walked through the door, and Heidi, the shift supervisor, said, “Oh, this is some serious deja vu!” She explained that what she was seeing and especially feeling, as I walked up to the counter and placed my cup there, had all happened before in precise detail. She could not shake it off, and later she and her friend, Troy (both now my friends) sat down beside me. By the clock, we talked for an hour or longer. That conversation ended with the notion of God as Father, after discussing gender-inclusive language and the nature of all things real. We discussed the unique validity of the three perspectives between us, and the intersections thereof. What do we really know about any of this? We feel, we sense, and we believe, however.
  • I swear that from the speakers above my corner table here this song just came on: Carmen McRae singing “How Little We Know.”
  • And yet, it is by faith not sight, that we live. And faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, and we do know. We do!
  • I have been here for over two hours now and it seems like ten minutes or so, but the clock says differently. Which is real? Time flies when you are having fun, I’ve heard. Or, as one frog said to another frog, “Time is fun when you are having flies.”
  • It is also true, apparently, that time is money (t = $), at least tonight. The staff at the coffee shop refused to take any money from me the entire evening, and that turned out to be good because, although they did not know this, I temporarily have no access to any of it, except a bag of change. But, I gave them time, listening to each of them as they talked of their lives quite freely, and I spoke of what I call God, and without apology (although it is a kind of apologetic, and they do not mind at all). They gave me two triple undertows and later a quinoa salad that “we are going to throw out anyway because it is expired”.
  • I can verify that it is expiring by my hand right now, in units of forkful, not time. If it were not for the lights dimming there, and the front door being locked, I would have no idea how long I had sat at that corner table, thinking about it all and sharing much of it. But now I have left, and returned to my apartment, and it’s a good salad. It is just two cats and I listening to Rachmaninoff, while little Lacey begs for my attention, and Bailey does cat guy stuff, wandering around as if he misses something or someone. I get it, little guy.
  • Time must have passed, as the salad is gone from its bowl, Lacey is satisfied, the dishes are done (entropy is a thing, so they did not do themselves or gradually become clean, and there is no one else physically here to do them, and cats do not do dishes or windows), so I must have done them.
  • Across space there is a quantum connection that exists between paired bodies, a connection that happens in no time; it is instantaneous, occurring faster than the speed of light. Many experiments have verified this since this article. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance.” He knows the truth beyond theory now. This connection, it occurs at the human level as well, and is understood by those who have it, by many poets, and by some who pray.
  • On a Mac, if you hold down the option key and type a 5, you get this:

Photograph “Trees through Glass” © 2018 Timothy Waugh