Happy every day to you, but one gift of this one (14 March) is that it is Pi (π) Day. I have no idea why I memorized an irrational number to 15 decimals back in somewhen, but there it is off the top of my head up there.

Here’s some fun:

I occasionally wear a cologne by Givenchy named only by the symbol π. In Greek, it is pronounced like “pee”, as in “I like that cologne you are wearing; what is it?”

“Oh, you are probably just smelling some π.”

But more commonly (not by me, however), it is pronounced like “pie”, and all sorts of fun ensues at the point when you give yourself over to the masses and their missives of mispronunciation. So, have some of that fun today. Here are three.14 links to get started:

Pi is the key to a beautiful, impossible formula that shows math is scarily perfect



And, respects to Stephen Hawking.

He now knows the Truth and has been set free . . .

Atheists, the world over are expressing thanks for his life. To whom are you thankful, you so-called atheists? Shame on you for your rampant inconsistencies.

Well, I’m off to work, going around in an imperfect circle, delivering things, ending at precisely the point where I begin.

Photograph © 2018 Timothy Waugh (taken from an original image of a large stone on mail route number 1 (God), and cropped to 3.14 by 3.14, then further cropped in a vignette.

2 thoughts on “3.141592653589793

  1. I think you’ve been hangin’ ’round with Edmark Law! 😇
    Now, as to pronunciation, pie is the one I was taught.
    Pee-day, in reference, is also a Middle Eastern bread food = pide, which is delish, depending on fillings. So there!
    I like the image too.

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