Me too.

Have you ever had one of those days when life just comes at you, but you barely notice? Me too.

Have you ever had a difficult time deciding whether it is joy or peace that you had all day, even a Monday? Me too.

Have you ever wanted to say something, but you can’t, or you don’t have adequate words, or if you began, you’d have too many words? So, you say it obliquely? Or you say it by an action? Or you do say it, put it out there–shouting it or whispering it–just to say it? Me too.

Have you ever been driving along in your mail truck, and you stop at a guy’s mailbox, and without looking, he starts backing out of his driveway really fast and you lay on the horn and he screeches to a halt and you keep his mail and don’t put it in his box because he can just get it tomorrow and you know that he will remember it because when he heard your horn he stayed there in his driveway coming down off his hyperventilation and you cruise on around the street and come back by him and look him in his too-late-now-dude, rear-view-mirror-reflected eyes just to implant that close encounter into his memory? And you just shrug it off because of that joy? Or is it peace? Or is it . . . ? Me too.

Have you ever been driving down another street, slowly, because you are putting stuff into mailboxes and you have your flashers on and your truck is a big white box with USPS on it, unmistakably at work, and another guy in a shiny red pickup with a 3″ lift on the suspension and four-wheel drive that will never see mud, this guy cuts you off and he is close enough that you have to slam on your brakes and you are only going 10 mph but he is that close, so you slam it, which shifts everything forward in your truck and that is okay because now you can reach it all better, and you just laugh? And you laugh at the color red which has no business even being near a pickup, much less on its immaculately-painted exterior, no matter what anyone thinks, seriously, and you just keep going with a smile? But maybe, maybe a red dress in a truck would be okay? Me too.

On your day off when you are walking around downtown or maybe on your way out the door when every work day you pass one of those “Benson Bubblers“, and you are not really thirsty even, do you take a drink anyway because you have a theory that it might boost your immune system to get a micro-dose of who-knows-what-kind-of bacteria and to let your body work on it for awhile? Me too.

Have you ever re-gifted music that you heard on the radio today because such a blessing must be, must be shared again? Me too.

Photography and Text © 2018, Timothy Waugh