What am I even thinking?

Am I number one? Or, maybe I am just in between a rock and a hard place, cuz the sky seems really hard right now.

Do the others think that I am exalting myself, or do I really stand alone?

If I poop here someone is likely to sit on it. And, that could be fun to watch. Or, maybe it is yet another feather-brained idea. That anyone would sit here.

Oh, I get it: I am that number two, but with legs.

I have never seen this river look that blue before. But, oh the rivers I have seen.

If the water were extremely calm, I could see my reflection in it! And I think I look pretty good, but I have no idea.

I try to get along with all of the birds of a feather, but maybe I’ll start a fight and take another gander. It would be easy. I’d pick the one who asked me why one part of our V is always longer than the other. Uhhh, because it has more geese?

Yeah, then I could go over to number three and see myself in her eyes . . .

I am ready for spring, but there is much more winter left, and it has not been easy navigating. It will be worth it.

Why am I always hungry? Is it because I fly so high?

It’ll be a little undignified, standing up here and all, but I have this itch I need to take care of.

Photography and Text © 2017, Timothy Waugh